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A little about myself….
March 16, 2008, 6:07 pm
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A little about myself….

Well, like those here who have true intentions, I am finding that my options of finding a quality partner through the “usual” means have become somewhat limited as my circle of single friends are on the decline due to marriages and children.  Some features that capture my attention is definitely a beautiful smile. What I am looking for and appreciate in a partner is someone who is affectionate, shows kindness, has a sense of humor with the ability to laugh at himself, someone who is reliable, and has an outgoing nature.  My friends would describe me as someone who is trustworthy, reliable, independent, shy, funny, witty, always thinking/curious, a dreamer, loves animals, and down-to-earth…..I sound like I’ve just announced my candidacy for Mayor or something…lol! I do not play games and expect the same in return, life is too short to waste time. So, all that I ask is you be respectful and honest because I’ve been to this party before and it can get down right scary!!!! Anyways, best of luck to everyone with their search…hopefully we’ll all find that happily-ever-after.